Vesnianka which comes from the Ukrainian word "Spring", arose from a small group of Ukrainian immigrants who not only recognized the economic but also the cultural opportunities that Canada had to offer. Mr. Mykola Baldeckyj started Vesnianka with only 3 dance couples. At the same time he approached many Ukrainian speaking heritage schools and convinced them to add the performing art of learning to dance, as an extra curriculum activity. By 1969 accomplished younger students graduated and then nurtured the group of Vesnianka to a size of 80 dancers.

        At present over 3 generations of young dancers have performed world-wide in France, Switzerland, Chicago, Detroit, New York, Ottawa, Montreal, London and even Belleville Ontario. Locally in Toronto, Vesnianka has traditionally performed for the annual multicultural Caravan and CHIN picnic festivals; country clubs such as The Granite club and the Boulevard Sailing club; and countless local Ukrainian concerts.

        Because of Canada’s rich multicultural history and the strong physical challenges of Ukrainian dancing, Vesnianka has attracted performing dancers with diverse heritage backgrounds such as: English, Scottish, Polish, German, Italian, French, Irish, and Armenian. Ukrainians who come from The Ukraine are not only impressed by the Ukrainian heritage schools that keep the language alive, but also by the traditional dances that express the "Life and Times" of Ukraine’s history. The art of dancing is an international language that can express the many traditions, rituals, and emotional events of a people’s heritage.