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October 2000

2000/10/22 Searching For Place: Ukrainian Displaced Persons, Canada, and the Migration of Memory by Dr. Lubomyr Y. Luciuk
2000/10/17 New High Speed ADSL Connection for InfoUkes Activated

September 2000

2000/09/24 New High Speed ADSL Connection for UCC Activated

August 2000

2000/08/11 Embassy of Ukraine in Canada

June 2000

2000/06/08 Litopys UPA - Chronicle of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army [New Location]
2000/06/05 The Taras Shevchenko Museum of Canada: English Translations of the Poetry of Taras Shevchenko
2000/06/02 Ukrainian Canadian Congress: What's New on the UCC Site

April 2000

2000/04/29 Kontakt Interview: Behind the Scenes
2000/04/28 Ukrainian Canadian Congress: Canadian Issues
2000/04/19 Ukrainian Canadian Congress: News Releases and Communiqués
2000/04/19 The Ukrainian Canadians: A Community Profile, 1891-1999

March 2000

2000/03/09 The Taras Shevchenko Museum of Canada

February 2000

2000/02/28 Elias Repin -- Master Painter From Ukraine
2000/02/28 The Cossack Letter -- "The Most Defiant Letter!"
2000/02/03 Jewish-Ukrainian Bibliography by Andrew Gregorovich

January 2000

2000/01/31 GALICIA DIVISION by Michael O. Logusz
2000/01/23 Legend of the Founding of Kyiv 482 A.D.
2000/01/16 Genealogical Primer

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