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Lemko Reference Sites

  • Lemko Home Page Walter Maksimovich
  • The Carpatho-Rusyn Knowledge Base Greg Gressa
  • Vertep Home Page
  • Carpatho-Rus House Laurence Krupnak
  • Ruthenian - Ukrainian - Polish Luistxo Fernandez
  • Researching the People from "No Man's Land" The Carpatho-Rusyns of Austria-Hungary FEEFHS: Thomas A. Peters
  • Galicia Cross-Index FEEFHS
  • The Carpathian Connection J.E. Koyalvcsik & S.M. Osifchin
  • Slavko's World (Karpaty) Slavko Komar
  • UNPO - Rusyn People UNPO
  • German Genealogy: Habsburg Empire Rick Heli
  • Ukraine history, culture and industry of Lemkivshchyna Ukrainian ethnic group in Poland Jon W. Madzelan

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