Church in Ruins
Oleh Wolodymyr Iwanusiw

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Church In Ruins illustrates the present condition of churches of the Ukrainian Catholic (Byzantine Rite) Eparchy of Peremyshl, part of which territory fell within the boundaries of present day Poland. While a few of the churches are recognized and protected as architectural antiques by Polish Museums, and others have been acquired and are cared for by the Polish Roman Catholic Church, the majority of the churches were destroyed and no longer exist.

The author attempted to visit every one of the 690 churches in some 650 municipalities. His pictoral record is shown on the pages of this publication. Here you will find illustrated some fine examples of Lemko and Boyko wooden sacral architecture, as well as the painful remnants of churches that have been destroyed for whatever reason.

Shown on the front portion of the jacket (on your above left on this Web Page) is the church in Malava. Its walls are crumbling from the chemical action of fertilizers that have been stored here for forty years.

The church's cross is shown on the rear (on your above right on this Web Page). It is thrust in the ground where the altar once stood.

Oleh Wolodymyr Iwanusiw was born in Halychyna (Galicia), Western Ukraine and came to Canada after WWII with his parents and sisters. He completed his education by obtaining a BSc degree in electrical engineering from the University of Alberta in Edmonton. Since then, to the present time, he makes a living by applying electronics to the measurement needs of electrical power systems.

Oleh is neither a professional photographer nor an author. He collected materials for this publication during the four trips to Poland. He considered it appropriate to prepare this publication for the celebrations of the Millenium of Christianity in Ukraine and in memory of his grandfathers, both of whom were priests in the Eparchy of Peremyshl.

Table of Contents

  • Publication Information
  • Commemoration
  • Introduction
  • Comments
  • Historical Background
  • Dedication
  • Churches of the Lemko Apostolic Administration
  • Churches of the Joined Eparchies of Peremyshl, Sambir and Syanik
  • Non-Existing and Other Churches
  • Bibliography
  • Index of Localities
  • Map of the Eparchy of Peremyshl

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