Mykhailo Syrokhman was born in Uzhorod in 1954.
He competed his higher education at the University of Uzhorodgraduating in 1977 from the English section of Romano-Germanic languages.
Since 1989 Mykhailo teaches Engish at the Erdeli College of Arts in Uzhorod. He was always interested in churches and his work was often featured in "Pamjatky Ukrajiny" magazine. His first publication - "Lost Churches of Zakrapattia", 1999.


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Mykhailo Syrokhman

The subject of this publication is to the religious architecture and history of eastern-rite churches in the province of Zakarpattia, Ukraine.

The photo - album covers all places in Zakarpattia where churches stand today or stood at one time. The material is organized in a regional manner and provides encyclopaedic as well as popular information about the churches, their founders and their craftsmen-architects.
The publication should be of interest to religious and political historians, architects and all those who are interested in the culture and religion of Ukrainians of the region.