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Children's stories
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   The Ukrainian Icon; From Byzantines Sources to the Baroque (Temporis)

by Liudmilla Miliaeva. Do you want to review this book? Send it to

   They Sought a New World : The Story of European Immigration to North America   (Papeback)   (Hardcover)   By William Kurelek, Margaret S. Engelhart.

William Kurelek (1922-1977) is one of Canada's best known painters of the modern era. Self-taught, his style is primitive, with much of the subject matterrevolving around early immigrants and life on the farm in the Praries. There is a museum with a permanent collection of his works in Niagara Falls, Ontario (Niagara Falls Art Gallery, Kurelek Collection) which is well worth visiting. Amongst the collection there is his monumental series of paintings, "The Passion of Christ".

Some links to examples of his works:

   Prairie Boy's Summer   (Papeback)   (Hardcover)   By William Kurelek.

Winner of the first IODE (Toronto) Children's Book Award. Established 1974, the Toronto Municipal Chapter of the Imperial Order of the Daughters of the Empire (IODE) present the award annually to a Toronto-area writer or illustrator of an outstanding Canadian-published children's book.

   Prairie Boy's Winter   (Papeback)   By William Kurelek.

Received the distinction of Honor Book for Illustration at Boston Globe-Horn Book Awards in 1974.

   Lumberjack   (Papeback)   By William Kurelek.

   Who Has Seen the Wind  (Hardcover)   By W.O. Mitchell, illustrated by William Kurelek.

The Canadian author's best-known work, the story of a boy growing up in the Praries.

   To My Father's Village : The Last Days and Drawings of William Kurelek  (Hardcover)   By William Kurelek.

   Simply Ukraine  (Hardcover)   By Tania D'Avignon.

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Children's stories

[Also see the children's books illustrated by William Kurelek in the Arts category.]

   One Eye, Two Eyes, Three Eyes : A Hutzul Tale    (Hardcover)   By Eric A. Kimmel, Dirk Zimmer (Illustrator).

   Christmas in Ukraine : Christmas Around the World (Christmas Around the World from World Book)  (Hardcover)

   I Heal : The Children of Chernobyl in Cuba  (Hardcover)   By Trish Marx.

   Ukraine (The Ancient & Living Cultures Series)    (Paperback)

By Christine Ronan, Esther Grisham. Click here for a reader review.

   The Bird's Gift : A Ukrainian Easter Story    (Hardcover)

By Eric A. Kimmel, Katya Krenina (Illustrator)

   The Magic Egg and Other Tales from Ukraine (World Folklore Series)    (Hardcover)

By Barbara J. Suwyn, Natalie O. Kononenko (Editor).

   Sirko and the Wolf : A Ukrainian Tale    (School & Library Binding)

by Eric A. Kimmel, illustrated by Robert Sauber.

There are several versions available of the charming Mitten story, where animals try to make a home in a lost mitten.

   The Mitten: A Ukrainian Folktale (School & Library Binding),    (Hardcover)

by Jan Brett.

   Mitten : An Old Ukrainian Folktale    (Paperback)

by Alvin Tresselt, illustrated by Yaroslava.

   The Old Man's Mitten : A Ukrainian Tale    (Paperback)

by Yevonne Pollock, illustrated by Trish Hill.

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   The Best of Ukrainian Cooking
(Hardcover) by Bohdan Zahny.
   Festive Ukrainian Cooking (Hardcover) by Marta Pisetska Farley.

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   The Ukrainians: Unexpected Nation, Second edition
(Paperback) By Andrew Wilson.

   DPs : Europe's Displaced Persons, 1945-1951 (Paperback) By Mark Wyman.

   Contemporary Ukraine : Dynamics of Post-Soviet Transformation (Hardcover) By Taras Kuzio (Editor).

   Burden of Dreams : History and Identity in Post-Soviet Ukraine (Hardcover) By Catherine Wanner. A book in Post-Communist Cultural Studies.

   Ancient Inventions (Softcover), (Hardcover)

A review by Andrew Gregorovich is available that focuses on the Ukrainian aspects of this excellent book by English scholars Peter James and Nick Thorpe.

   Execution by Hunger : The Hidden Holocaust (Paperback)   By Miron Dolot.

   Famine in the Soviet Ukraine 1932-1933 : A Memorial Exhibition, Widener Library, Harvard University (Paperback)   By Oksana Procyk, Leonid Heretz, and James E. MacE.

   Harvest of Sorrow (Softcover),   (Hardcover)   Robert Conquest's history of the Famine.

   Ukraine : A History   (Softcover),   (Hardcover)

If you wish to learn about the history of Ukraine, begin with this book. Orest Subtelny's second edition has become the standard of Ukrainian history written in English. It has been translated into Ukrainian to counter the years of Russification of Ukrainian history.

   A History of Ukraine    (Softcover),    (Hardcover)

A new-style history of Ukraine by University of Toronto's professor of history and political science, Paul Magosci. Based on courses he taught at the University, it is an ideal textbook.

   History of Ukraine-Rus'. Volume One, From Prehistory to the Eleventh Century.    (Hardcover)

This is the translation into English of the classic and most detailed history of Ukraine by Mykhailo Hrushevsky, Andrzej Poppe, Frank E. Sysyn, Uliana Pasicznyk, and Marta Skorupsky. Subsequent volumes will be made available as they are published by Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies Press.

   Ukraine between East and West: Essays on Cultural History    (Paperback)

By Ihor Sevcenko. Published by Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies Press.

   The Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church and the Soviet State (1939-1050)    (Hardcover)

By Bohdan R. Bociurkiw. Published by Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies Press.

   Christian Social Ethics in Ukraine: The Legacy of Andrei Sheptytsky    (Hardcover)

By Andrii Krawchuk. Published by Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies Press.

   The Ukrainian Americans : Roots and Aspirations 1884-1954    (Softcover),    (Hardcover)

Myron Kuropas scholarly but readable history of Ukrainian immigration to the United States. It traces the development of Ukrainian ethnic identity in America from the 19th century to the beginning of the postwar (WWII) immigration. Not a review of Ukrainian contributions to American life and culture; for that see his book "Ukrainians in America" (below).

   Ukrainians in America    (Softcover)    (Hardcover)

An illustrated chronicle of the Ukrainian people by Myron Kuropas, featuring photographs, maps, and a glossary, discusses their age-old oppression by their European neighbors, the immigration of Ukrainians to the United States, and their contributions to American life.

   Ukraine and Ukrainians Throughout the World : A Demographic and Sociological Guide to the Homeland and Its Diaspora    (Hardcover)

Do you want to review this book? Send it to

   Revolution from Abroad : The Soviet Conquest of Poland's Western Ukraine and Western Belorussia    (Hardcover)

by Jan T. Gross. Do you want to review this book? Send it to

   Galicia Division: The Waffen SS 14th Grenadier Division 1943-1945    (Hardcover)

History of the 14th SS Panzergrenadier Division, formed in 1943 from Ukrainian nationalists, by Michael O. Logusz. A well written and detailed history which includes numerous 1st person accounts from unit veterans. 592 pages, 44 photos.

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   The Post-Soviet Handbook : A Guide to Grassroots Organizations and Internet Resources   
(Softcover)  By M. Holt Ruffin, Joan McCarter (Contributor), Richard Upjohn (Contributor).

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(Paperback)   By Yuri Andrukhovych, Volodymyr Makarenko (Illustrator), Marko Pavlyshyn (Translator).

Various reviews of the book are available.

   Honey and Ashes : A Story of Family    (Hardcover)   By Janice Kulyk-Keefer.

Her previous book, The Green Library, was shortlisted for a Governor General's Award (Canadian book prize).

   Ukrainian Folk Tales (Oxford Myths and Legends Series)    (Hardcover)

By Christina Oparenko.

   A History of Ukrainian Literature (From the 11th to the End of the 19th Century) : With an Overview of the Twentieth Century (Annals of the Ukrainian)    (Hardcover)

By Dmitrij Tschizewskij.

   Literary Politics in the Soviet Ukraine 1917-1934 (Studies of the Harriman Institute)    (Hardcover)    (Paperback)

By George Luckyj.

   Ukrainian Literature in the Twentieth Century : A Reader's Guide    (Hardcover)    (Paperback)

By George Luckyj.

   Treasury of Ukrainian Love : Poems, Quotations & Proverbs in Ukrainian and English (Treasury of Love Series)    (Hardcover)

Edited by Helene Turkewicz-Sanko.

   The Edificatory Prose of Kievan Rus' (Harvard Library of Early Ukrainian Literature : English Translations, Vol 6)    (Paperback)

By William R. Veder.

   Bibliography of Ukrainian Literature in English and French : Translations and Critical Works (1950-1986)    (Paperback)

By Oksana Piaseckyj.

   Cultural Renaissance in Ukraine : Polemical Pamphlets 1925 26    (Hardcover)

By Mykola Khvylovy.

   Clandestine Essays (Monograph Series - Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute)    (Hardcover)

By Ievhen Sverstiuk.

   From Three Worlds: New Ukrainian Writing (Glas Series , No 12)    (Hardcover), ,    (Paperback)

by Ed Hogan (Editor), Askold Melnyczuk (Editor), Michael Naydan (Editor). Poetry and short stories from Ukraine's top contemporary writers.

   The Complete Tales of Nikolai Gogol    Volume 1, ,    Volume 2

The stories and plays of Mykola Hohol are regarded as classics in the world of literature. Many of the short stories are set in his beloved Ukraine, such as in the collections Village Evenings Near Dikanka, and Mirhorod, which contains possibly his most famous story of the heroic Zaporozian Kozaks, Taras Bulba. The writer Ivan Turgenev declared "The day when our Gogol stood the colossal Taras on his feet, he showed genius." The stories often contain a bitter-sweet element, a humour touched by tragedy, that is readily recognized as a reflection of his Ukrainian heart.

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Ukrainian Village Music - Various artists

A spirited collection of traditional fiddle music from various artists. Listen to the samples provided on the site first, since the sound quality varies. It is likely that these pieces are restored 78's.

   Pawlo Humeniuk: King Of The Ukrainian Fiddlers

Exceptional Carpathian fiddle music from the turn of the century.

   Traditional Music
   Traditional Songs
   Ukrainian Voices - Voix Ukrainiennes
   Ukrainian Voices - Ukrainian Voices
   Songs & Dances of Ukraine - Ukrainian Bandura Players
   Ukrainian Dances - Bill Kaulaity/Kozad
   Ukrainian Dances - Michael & His Ukrainian Skorr


   Winter Nights - Al DiMeola

A new Christmas album in the jazz/fusion vein with Roman Hrynkiv from Kyiv on Bandura. Probably the only mainstream recording to date featuring a bandurist! The melodies Roman plays are recognizable as ukrainian traditional songs. An excellent breakthrough album, and thoroughly enjoyable.

   Green Grove - John Stetch

John is an exceptional young artist influenced strongly by his Prairie roots. The last track on this collection, "Zabava" was commissioned by The Taras Shevchenko Foundation in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

   Ukrainianism - John Stetch

Includes "Rye, Not Wheat!", "Kolomeyka Fantasy", "Famine", and "Children of Chornobyl".

   Carpathian Blues - John Stetch

Includes "Carpathian Blues", "Vesper", and "Baba Bakes".

   Stetching Out - John Stetch

Includes "The Prairie Unfolds".

   Kolomeyka Fantasy - John Stetch (Currently not available at Amazon)

An entire collection of Ukrainian folk music played on jazz piano. Highly recommended.

   Rectangle Man - John Stetch


   Ukrainian Cello - Works of Lisogub et al / Pantelyat, Manelis

An excellent CD of cello and piano works. Modern Ukrainian classical compositions are featured.

   Music of Ukraine - Gliere, Stankovych / Odessa Philharmonic
   Music of Ukraine - Kolessa, Skoryk / Hobart Earle, Odessa
   Paul Plishka Sings Songs of the Ukraine
   Sacred and Secular Music of the Ukraine / Capella Dumka
   Sacred Music from Ukraine / Zadarko, Ukranian Male Choir
   Shchedrin: Carmen Suite, Concerto for Orchestra / Kuchar
   Stankovytch: Symphonies no 1, 2 and 4 / Kuchar, Ukraine
   Stankovich: Chamber Symphony No. 2, etc / Glushchenko

   Ukrainian Minstrels : And the Blind Shall Sing (Folklores and Folk Cultures of Eastern Europe)    (Hardcover)

By Natalie Kononenko.

   Ethnic Music on Records: A Discography of Ethnic Recordings Produced in the United States, 1893 to 1942 (Music in American Life) (Hardcover)

Written by Richard Keith Spottswood, this 7 volume set indexes all ethnic 78 RPM records made in the US. This extensive reference contains a list of Ukrainian and other ethnic recordings.

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   The Newly Independent States of Eurasia : Handbook of Former Soviet Republics (2nd Ed)   
(Hardcover)   By Stephen Batalden, Sandra L. Batalden (Contributor).

   Letters from Kiev    (Hardcover)   By Solomea Pavlychko, Myrna Kostash (Translator), Bohdan Krawchenko (Designer).

   Ukraine Under Kuchma : Political Reform, Economic Transformation and Security Policy in Independent Ukraine (Studies in Russian and East European history)    (Hardcover)   By Taras Kuzio.

   The Political Analysis of Postcommunism : Understanding Postcommunist Ukraine (Eastern European Studies, No 6)    (Paperback)   Volodymyr Polokhalo, Editor.

   Ukraine : A New Independence (Cultures of the World)    (Library Binding)   by Rebecca Clay.

   Defending 'Ivan the Terrible': The Conspiracy to Convict John Demjanjuk    (Hardcover)   Written by Yoram Sheftel, translated by Haim Watzman.

The story ofthe war-crimes trial of John Demjanjuk, written by the lawyer who defended him in Israel.

   Political Thought of the Ukrainian Underground, 1943-1951    (Hardcover)

See the extensive introduction by the editors.

   Keystone in the Arch - Ukraine in the emerging security environment of Central and Eastern Europe    (Paperback)

By the author Sherman Garnett. See the Introduction and Table of Contents.

   Dilemmas of Independence : Ukraine After Totalitarianism    (Paperback)

By the author Alexander J. Motyl.

   Crimea : Dynamics, Challenges, and Prospects    (Paperback)    (Hardcover)

A collection of nine studies edited by Maria Drohobycky.

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Science & Technology

   Korolev: How One Man Masterminded the Soviet Drive to Beat America to the Moon   

New book about the Ukrainian engineer who was Chief Designer of the Soviet space progam.

   Journey to Chernobyl : Encounters in a Radioactive Zone    (Hardcover)   By Glenn Cheney.

   Eco-Nationalism : Anti-Nuclear Activism and National Identity in Russia, Lithuania, and Ukraine    (Paperback)   By Jane I. Dawson.

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   Dynamo: Triumph and Tragedy in Nazi-Occupied Kiev    (Hardcover)

By Andy Dougan.

   Oksana : My Own Story    (Hardcover)

By Oksana Baiul, Heather Alexander (Contributor).

   Secrets of Skating : Oksana Baiul    (Hardcover)

By Oksana Baiul.

   Oksana Baiul : Rhapsody on Ice (Figure Skaters)    (Paperback)

By Linda Shaughnessy.

   Clear the Track : The Eddie Shack Story    (Hardcover)

By Ross Brewitt. The biography of the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey player Eddie Shack, who was famous for his antics on and off the ice.

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   Hippocrene Language and Travel Guide to Ukraine   

A travel guide and phrasebook for Ukraine by Linda Hodges and Geoge Chumak. Visit the co-author Linda Hodge's Ukrainian Language and Culture Home Page.

   Lonely Planet Ukrainian Phrasebook (Lonely Planet Language Survival Kit)    (Paperback)

by Jim Dingley, Olena Bekh. Published in Australia, this inexpensive phrasebook is useful and humourous. The Table of Contents consists of: INTRODUCTION; PRONUNCIATION; GRAMMAR; GREETINGS & CIVILITIES; SMALL TALK; GETTING AROUND; ACCOMMODATION; AROUND TOWN; IN THE COUNTRY; FOOD; SHOPPING; HEALTH; TIME DATES & FESTIVALS; NUMBERS & AMOUNTS; VOCABULARY; EMERGENCIES; INDEX. You can e-mail the publisher at

   Ukraine (Culture Shock)    (Paperback)

by Meredith Dalton.

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   Ukrainian: A Complete Course for Beginners   

by Olena Bekh, James Dingley (Contributor).

   Colloquial Ukrainian (Colloquial Series)    (Routledge), ,    (Bk&Csst)

Colloquial Language Series book and cassette edition by Ian Press and Stefan Pugh. The authors are from University of London School of Slavonic and East European Studies. Book and the two 60 minute cassettes can also be purchased separately.

   Beginner's Ukrainian : Iak Sia Maiesh (Beginner's Guides (New York, N.Y.).)    (Paperback)

Hippocrene Books Beginner's Guide series by Johannes Poulard.

   Standard Ukrainian Grammar    (Hardcover)

By Yar Slavutych, Professor of Slavic Languages, University of Alberta. He also wrote "Conversational Ukrainian" a textbook (Gateway Publishers Ltd.: Winnipeg, 2nd Ed. 1961) which is now out of print.

   Ohio State University Ukrainian Language Series

    Ukrainian Elementary 1 (Audio Cassettes)    (Instructor Manual)

    Ukrainian Elementary 2 (Audio Cassettes)    (Instructor Manual)    (Student Manual)

    Ukrainian Intermediate 1 (Audio Cassettes)    (Instructor Manual)    (Student Manual)

    Ukrainian Intermediate 2 (Audio Cassettes)    (Instructor Manual)    (Student Manual)

    Ukrainian Advanced 1 (Audio Cassettes)    (Instructor Manual)

    Ukrainian Advanced 2 (Audio Cassettes)    (Instructor Manual)    (Student Manual)

    Ukrainian Reading 1 (Instructor Manual)    (Student Manual)

    Ukrainian Reading 3 (Instructor Manual)    (Student Manual)

    Ukrainian Listening Comprehension Instructor Packet    (Paperback)

     Ukrainian Vocabulary Supplement    (Paperback)

A language series published by Ohio State University Foreign Language School.

   The Ukrainian Language in the First Half of the Twentieth Century (1900-1941 : Its State and Status)    (Hardcover)

Harvard Ukranian Research Institute (HURI) monograph by George Y. Shevelov.

   Phonetic Description of the Ukrainian Language    (Paperback)

Harvard Ukranian Research Institute (HURI) Monograph Series, by Ivan Zilynskyj.

   Modern Ukrainian   (Paperback)

This first-year Ukrainian grammar textbook, by Assya Humesky, professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures at the University of Michigan, presents the fundamental morphology and vocabulary of Ukrainian and some notations on syntax and intonation through the use of exercises and dialogues. Notes explain grammar rules, usage, stylistic flavour and regional variants.

   Ukrainian for undergraduates    (Paperback)

By Danylo Husar Struk, Edward Burstynsky. This manual, by Prof. Struk, is intended for university students with some background in Ukrainian. It introduces basic morphology and vocabulary through numerous drills, written and oral exercises and tables. The author Danylo Husar Struk is a Professor in the Slavic Department of the University of Toronto and Editor in chief of the Encyclopedia of Ukraine.

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   Ukrainian English/English Ukrainian Practical Dictionary With Menu Terms   

By L. Hrabovsky.

   Ukrainian-English, English-Ukrainian Compact Dictionary    (Paperback)

By Davidovic Mladen.

   Hippocrene Standard Dictionary Ukrainian-English English-Ukrainian    (Paperback)

by Olesj Benyukh and Oleg Benyukh. One of the standard dictionaries used in university language classes.

   Ukrainian Phrasebook and Dictionary (Hippocrene Language Studies)    (Paperback)

by Olesj P. Benyukh, Raisa I. Galushko, and Oleg Benyuch.

   Ukrainian-English (Hippocrene Standard Dictionary)    (Paperback)

by Olesj Benyukh, Raisa Galushko, and Oleg Benyuch.

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